Internship Opportunities

Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company

NASA Student Programs

  • This website offers internships and fellowships for post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students.

The Goddard Center for Astrobiology

  • Undergraduate Research Associates in Astrobiology Program is a 10-week program. Research assistants will visit the Greenbank Radio Observatory and various labs. During the last week, students will present posters at a Forum of Astrobiology Research (FAR) seminar.

The Lunar and Planetary Institute

  • Houston, Texas   This 10-week program runs from June 1, 2015 – August 7, 2015. You will receive a stipend as well as a travel grant. Assist in the research of planetary and lunar sciences. There are many paths a summer intern can pursue including planetary geology, meteorite studies, image processing, and many more. Must have at least 50 credit hours.

Space Telescope Science Institute

  • Baltimore, Maryland   The Space Telescope Science Institute is the operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope. This internship provides students with a chance to have hands-on experience and to be partnered with a mentor. Undergraduates only.
  • Space Astronomy Summer Program: In addition to offering an internship, the Space Telescope Science Institute offers a summer research program. It runs from mid-June to mid-August. Students will work with researches to collect a variety of data from the telescopes.

JPL and Caltech Summer Programs

  • This webpage offers a long list of possibilities for summer programs. Caltech offers various exchange programs, academic programs and more. The JPL/NASA Programs tab may be of interest as well.

One Stop Shopping Initiative – Recruiting NASA Interns, Fellows and Scholars

  • This website allows students to search all postings for internships and fellowships. After registering, students personalize their search by selecting their year, major, desired semester to intern and location. It is very easy to use and offers several different internships
    • NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center


  • SpaceX offers both job and internship opportunities. For internships, select “College and University” for the department, then select a semester and location to view the openings. Multiple departments, dates and locations can be selected.

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