SEDS Secret Activity

Last week, SEDS members were thrown into the dark. We told them that we had an activity planned, but know what knew what it was. That way, no one could prepare ahead of time. After all, it was a competition!

Heat shield supplies
Heat shield supplies

The secret activity ended up being a SEDS favorite – the heat shield activity! Teams were given 30 minutes, a square foot of aluminum foil, five toothpicks, a pipe-cleaner, a meter of tape, a paper cup, a graham cracker and a single brave green plastic army man who is proud to serve his duty for science. The goal? Teams had to protect the army man while re-entering our makeshift atmosphere against the extreme frictional heat – a blowtorch!

Once outside, teams huddled in a circle, secretly wishing that the opposing team’s army man would go up in flames. One team accidentally left some tape exposed which acted like a candle wick quickly engulfing their man in flames. Another team failed to take the thickness of the foil into account and soon had a puncture in their shield wall.

The winning team who lasted the longest walked away with cool SEDS-ASU shirts to show off. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for an announcement about our next fun activity. We will be using the same brave army man, but this time, teams will need to spare his life while crashing to the ground.

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